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Ascension Flight Soccer Club

Ascension Flight Soccer Club is an independent, nonprofit, youth organization administered and managed mostly by volunteer adults. The mission of Ascension Flight Soccer Club is to provide every player the opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer by providing a fun and safe environment; encouraging physical, mental, and social growth; while promoting integrity, good sportsmanship, and the growth of soccer in our community. Smile Stars Orthodontics is proud to be a sponsor for the competitive team for the 2023-2025 season.


    Pay It Forward Day was created in 2007 with a simple idea: to inspire people everywhere to know that they can make a positive impact in the world through acts of kindness and love.

    Since 2007, Pay It Forward Day has grown into a global movement that inspires millions of people across the planet to unite by doing acts of kindness on April 28th.

    Global Pay It Forward Day is a worldwide celebration of kindness. This day is not associated with any organization or foundation, and is free for all to participate in.

    The purpose of Pay It Forward Day is not just to celebrate kindness on one day, but to unite kindhearted people everywhere in an effort to create a massive ripple of good that lasts long after the day is over.

      Jeremiah’s Travels

      Jeremiah loves to brush his teeth; matter of fact, it's just about his favorite thing to do!

      Smile Stars’ team mascot, Jeremiah, the basketball playing bull frog has been spotted out and about in the community. He has recently been traveling from school to school teaching children about proper oral hygiene, healthy eating habits and how fun their visit with the dentist can be. These types of visits help alleviate any fears or misinterpretations about trips to the dentist office and also associate the dentist with fun. Instruments and procedures are introduced to children in a relaxed, non-threating environment using terms they can understand.

      Schools across East Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Livingston Parishes have welcomed Jeremiah into their classrooms. He brings along his super-sized toothbrush and picnic basket full of healthy and unhealthy foods - it's up to the kids to decide what kind of snacks he should eat! Other interactive games and activities are used to highlight important details of oral hygiene. By introducing dentistry in a fun way we are not only getting the children excited about brushing, but building a relationship with them as well.

      Jeremiah has already reached thousands of students in the Baton Rouge area and is hoping to reach thousands more! So keep your eyes open for him around town.

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